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Grandissimo successo a Sidney per Dalibor Jenis e Raymond Aceto, rispettivamente Miller e Conte di Walter, nella Luisa Miller di Verdi. Qui alcuni estratti dalle recensioni dello spettacolo: “Slovakian baritone Dalibor Jenis (Car’s 2014 Onegin in Sydney) is in glorious vocal form as her noble paterfamilias. Allowing just a hint of age to occasionally colour the voice, his powerful tone and creamy legato singing make him a dream Verdi baritone. His heroic upper register rings out straight as a die, never overcovering at the top. His radiant aria, Sacra la scelta è d’un consorte (The choice of a husband is sacred) is in many ways the opera’s ethical theme song and Jenis makes every note count.[…]Aceto as the intriguingly complex Count Walter has a warm, subtle voice, easily able to climb to the necessary heights and deliver a thrilling top note to end his Act I aria, Il mio sangue la vita darei. He’s a nice actor too.” Clive Paget, Review: Luisa Miller (Opera Australia), 12 febbraio 2016. Disponibile all’indirizzo: http://www.limelightmagazine.com.au/live-reviews/review-luisa-miller-opera-australia “Dalibor Jenis makes a welcome return to the Sydney stage as Miller to reprise his collaboration with Car. Seen together as lovers in Eugene Onegin, this time they play father and daughter, a relationship that Verdi later drew on between Gilda and Rigoletto. Jenis portrays a concerned and helpless parent, (literally) hamstrung by a lame leg. A walking stick is used with subtle but great effect to underscore his attempt so ‘stand up’ to forces greater than him. He colours his singing with the patina of age creating a velvet legato as in the expansive and paternal Sacra la scelta è d’un consorte contrasting with impotent rage especially evident in Ah! fu giusto il mio sospetto.[…] American bass Raymond Aceto made his OA debut as Count Walter. A thrilling voice and dramatic talent. A suitable foil to the equally thrilling and menacing tones of Daniel Sumegi’s impeccable depiction of Wurm.” Shamistha de Soysa, OPERA REVIEW: LUISA MILLER/OPERA AUSTRALIA, 15 febbraio 2016. Disponibile all’indirizzo: http://soundslikesydney.com.au/reviews/opera-review-luisa-milleropera-australia/20314.html “Slovakian baritone Dalibor Jenis delivers a glorious performance as Luisa’s father. He cuts a sympathetic figure and his acting has the ring of truth, but it is his voice, with its heroic upper register, creamy legato and powerful tone, coloured by just a hint of age, which really delights. He delivers his aria, which translates “The choice of a husband is sacred”, with subtle control and refined finish, and it is this individual song, as well as his duet with his daughter, and the several trios with the pair of lovers, that make up the most engaging and memorable moments of the opera.[…] Aceto sings the role of Rodolfo’s father with authoritative firmness both in voice and presence, but with a subtlety and occasional warmth of tone that brings an intriguing complexity to his character.” Alicia Tripp, Luisa Miller Review, 21 febbraio 2016. Disponibile all’indirizzo: https://theplusones.com/sydney/2016/02/21/luisa-miller-review/

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